EJBCA® Support

Discussion Forums

There are several public discussion forums that are used for EJBCA PKI discussions and requests for help etc.

Mailing Lists

There are two public EJBCA mailing lists hosted on Sourceforge. To subscribe to either list, or browse archived messages, simply click optional link(s) below.

The ejbca-news list delivers information such as the most recent EJBCA releases and important EJBCA features. This is a low traffic list.

The ejbca-develop list is used for technical discussions. Almost anything regarding EJBCA PKI can be posted on this list.

Issue Tracker

Report bugs, suggest new features and improvements. You can do it all through the Issue Tracker. Support for EJBCA is available on Jira. If you require further support, please reach out to PrimeKey regarding EJBCA Enterprise.

Vulnerability Reports

If you have a vulnerability report regarding EJBCA, please send an email to security@primekey.com.



3rd Party Integration

Looking to integrate a 3rd party application with EJBCA? EJBCA has the most flexible range of standard, and non standard, protocols for seamless integration. Contact PrimeKey if you need more information or assistance.

Enterprise Support

Support programs and other qualified professional services are provided by PrimeKey.

Open Training

EJBCA Open Training Courses are available to PrimeKey Enterprise users and are held internationally by PrimeKey and partners. Sign up to brush up on your PKI skills and learn more about EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise and PKI Appliance.