About EJBCA®

EJBCA covers all your needs – from certificate management, registration and enrollment to certificate validation.

EJBCA is one of the most popular public key infrastructure (PKI) platforms in the world. EJBCA covers all your needs from certificate management, registration and enrollment to certificate validation. It includes all the necessary PKI components such as Certificate Authority (CA), Registration Authority (RA) and Validation Authority (VA).

EJBCA architecture

The EJBCA community project is an open-source project sponsored by Keyfactor and is available under the LGPL v2.1 license. This means it’s available for you to download and use at no cost as Docker containers or source code. In addition, EJBCA is available as an Enterprise edition, and there is a 30-day free trial available on AWS and Azure.

Being one of the longest running open-source CA projects, EJBCA PKI provides time-proven robustness and reliability.

Why users select EJBCA

EJBCA is platform-independent and provides flexibility and scalability to support almost any PKI use case including DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT, Enterprise PKI and more. As well as seamless integrations into third-party systems for full automation and ease of operation. It is multitenant and can host multiple CAs and PKIs in one single server installation.

This software is popular among engineers because it is open, stable, flexible, and provides support for their projects from prototyping to full deployment. For example, the Docker container makes it easy to get started. And since most popular PKI enrollment protocols, certificate formats, and multiple deployment models can be used, you have the foundation you need to let your project evolve over time.

History of EJBCA

The very first version of EJBCA was released in 2001 by Tomas Gustavsson and team with the ambition to make an Enterprise PKI, based on modern technology, generally available. In 2002, PrimeKey was founded around EJBCA and started off as a consultancy around the open-source product.

Since then, EJBCA has grown to become one of the most widely used PKIs in the world and is now available as a Common Criteria certified Enterprise version that can be deployed as SaaS, cloud or software or hardware appliances. Continuous technology upgrades have been done to the code to keep it modern and suitable for the high-performance cloud age. For organizations that require advanced PKI functionality and guaranteed stability and support, EJBCA Enterprise edition is a great choice.

As of June 2021, PrimeKey is a part of Keyfactor and during 2022 the two companies will merge under the Keyfactor brand.