Download EJBCA® – the Open Source CA

Download EJBCA Community

EJBCA Community is available for download.
Download EJBCA Community from Sourceforge
Download EJBCA Community from Red Hat
Download EJBCA Community from DockerHub

PrimeKey® EJBCA Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise ensures the highest quality of your PKI implementation by giving you access to PrimeKey support and maintenance. To learn more about the difference between EJBCA Community and EJBCA Enterprise, visit

EJBCA Enterprise is available for a free 30-day trial on AWS and Azure.
Find PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise on AWS
Find PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise on Azure

Source Code Repository

You can find all the sources of EJBCA Community releases in our Subversion source code repository.

Example command to check out the current code for the EJBCA development


You can also find useful code and tools on our Developer GitHub page.