News 26 May, 2021

EJBCA Enterprise 7.5 has been released

The PrimeKey EJBCA team is pleased to announce the release of EJBCA

The primary focus of this release has been integration with other elements of the PKI ecosystem, not least of which full integration of Microsoft Auto-enrollment into the EJBCA RA and support for authenticating to the CA and RA UIs and REST through OAuth.

Release highlights include:

  • Microsoft Auto-enrollment Integration
  • OAuth Authentication to the EJBCA CA and RA UIs and REST API
  • ACME External Account Bindings
  • ACME External Account Bindings
  • EST Client Mode
  • HSM support for Ed25519 and support for AWS Cloud HSM
  • Compliance 
    • OCSP Support Updated to Conform to RFC 8954
    • eIDAS Compliance

Read the full EJBCA 7.5 Release Notes


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