EJBCA - Open Source PKI Certificate Authority
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Commercial Support

If you need commercial support or professional services contact the project admins below, or go directly to PrimeKey. We have ready-made support programs available.


First you should look at the documentation resources on this site.

Second you should see if there is something interesting in the FAQ.


If you need training, PrimeKey and Logica have an established course for EJBCA Training.

Mailing Lists

EJBCA has two public mailing lists hosted on Sourceforge. To subscribe to any of the lists or browse archived messages, click the links below.

ejbca-news delivers news such as new releases or important features. This is a low traffic list.

ejbca-develop is used for development discussions of a more technical nature. Almost anything regarding EJBCA can be posted on this list.

Discussion Forums

There are also several public discussion forums that are used for discussions and requests for help etc.


There is an IRC channel, #ejbca, on irc.freenode.net where support questions can be asked. We are usually there during European office hours, and some other times as well. A nice free-of-charge web-based IRC client is available here.