News 09 Mar, 2023

Securemetric and Keyfactor PKI and Signing Tech Meetup – Expert Insights and Panel Discussions – Vietnam

23 March 2023
Pullman – Hanoi

Exchanging ideas, networking, and building community is essential. We look forward to seeing you at our next Tech Meetup in Hanoi, Vietnam on March 23rd!

Simplifying PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), automating certificate lifecycle management, and securing every device, workload, and thing, are fundamental in our hyper-connected world. Organizations need to be able to move fast to establish digital trust at scale — and then maintain it.

During this Tech Meetup, we will discuss the latest trends in PKI, Signing, and Cryptography, including how to simplify deployments and new use cases, prepare for post-quantum, and how modern tools can support your organization.

Additionally, we will share how you after the meetup can try out EJBCA, SignServer, and Bouncy Castle open-source tools and get hands-on experience on how they can help solve security problems for your organization.

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