News 15 Apr, 2021

$125M Growth Round Fuels Keyfactor and PrimeKey Merger to Bring Machine Identity Management to the Mainstream

First-Ever Merger Between Certificate Automation and Certificate Authority Providers Set to Impact IAM Strategy for Enterprises

Keyfactor® and PrimeKey® today announced their intent to merge under the Keyfactor brand while committing to increased investments across all product lines.

Keyfactor is the pioneer of PKI as-a-Service, and the recognized leader in certificate lifecycle automation and crypto-agility solutions. PrimeKey’s EJBCA® software offers the most powerful and flexible certificate authority (CA) supporting DevOps, IoT, manufacturing and enterprise use cases.

The merger forms an industry-first machine identity management platform, combining Keyfactor’s certificate lifecycle automation with PrimeKey’s EJBCA. The new platform will provide end-to-end machine identity management – with flexible and highly scalable certificate issuance and automated deployment of machine identities across complex enterprise and emerging IoT and OT use cases.

EJBCA and SignServer are some of the longest-running open-source PKI and digital signature projects, and the Bouncy Castle APIs is the leader in cryptographic APIs. These components have been open for 20 years and are used by many enterprises and vendors in the PKI and security space. Keyfactor will continue to invest in this technology to ensure that remains the case for years to come. Nothing will change in terms of our handling of the open-source code base, our support for enterprise customers, and external contributions to and from the community. Keyfactor is committed to keeping EJBCA Community, SignServer Community and Bouncy Castle open-source and freely available to all.

For further information, please read the news here: PrimeKey News