EJBCA Introduction

This EJBCA Introduction covers EJBCA concepts and describes common PKI architectures, an outline of the internal EJBCA architecture, and gives an overview of external OCSP Responders:

EJBCA Concepts

View definitions for general and EJBCA specific concepts and key terms.

EJBCA implements Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) according to standards such as X.509 and IETF-PKIX, and thus follows the general PKI concepts closely. The administration of the PKI includes some EJBCA specific concepts in order to implement unique flexibility.

→ EJBCA Concepts

EJBCA Architecture

There are multiple ways that you can implement and architect a PKI solution, ranging from simple and low cost, to very complex and costly. EJBCA allows implementing virtually any type of PKI architecture and this covers a selection of common PKI architectures deployed

→ EJBCA Architecture

External OCSP Responders

Get an overview of the architecture using external OCSP responders and review features and purposes served.

→ External OCSP Responders