Deployment Reference

The following provides an Ant Target Shortlist and lists files and/or functions copied/touched during various ant targets called.

Ant Target Shortlist

The shortlist will focus on ant targets used for WildFly 8 or later and JBoss EAP 7 and later.

Deployment and installation of EJBCA the first time (from clean database), uses the following commands:

ant deployear
ant runinstall
ant deploy-keystore

To upgrade EJBCA, and thus only deploy a new ejbca.ear file, use the following commands:

ant deployear

To (re)configure TLS, that is to configure TLS ports and deploy TLS keystores, use the following commands:

ant web-configure
ant deploy-keystore

Files Deployed

The following lists files/functions copied/touched during various ant targets called. These targets only modify files automatically on platforms where auto-configure is supported, but gives an indication of configuration steps needed for other platforms as well.

Below shows JBoss (configuration) files updated.

ant deployear

  • deploy/ejbca.ear

ant install (Only JBoss 7.1.1 and JBoss EAP 6)

  • ant runinstall

  • ant web-configure

    • The undertow, interfaces and socket-binding sections in: standalone/configuration/standalone.xml

  • ant deploy-keystore

ant runinstall

  • creates initial Management CA, TLS user and superadmin in the database

  • web TLS keystores and superadmin keystore in the directory ejbca/p12

  • does not modify any files of JBoss/WildFly

ant deploy-keystore

  • standalone/configuration/keystore/keystore.jks

  • standalone/configuration/keystore/truststore.jks