Application Servers

EJBCA should run on any on any JEE5 compliant application server in theory. In reality it doesn't, because different application servers have different tweaks for the standard. It is not enough to pass JEE validation in order to run on all application servers.

  1. JBoss 7.1.1.Final / JBoss EAP 6: Works well.

  2. WildFly 10 / JBoss EAP 7: Works well.

  3. WildFly 8, 9: Works well.

  4. JBoss 5.1.0.GA / JBoss EAP 5.1: JEE5, only supported in older version of EJBCA.

  5. Glassfish 3.1.1: Not supported yet.

  6. Glassfish 2.1.1: Works with older versions of EJBCA (before v6).

  7. WebLogic: Does not work. Used to work with earlier versions of EJBCA.

  8. WebSphere: Does not work. Has worked with one version of EJBCA in the past.

  9. Geronimo: Not supported yet.

  10. JoNaS: Not supported yet.

  11. TomEE+: Not tested yet.

  12. Payara: Not tested yet.