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Upgrade your EJBCA container running on Docker to the latest version

Learn how to upgrade your EJBCA container installation without worrying about complex update procedures or dependencies.


Simplified deployment and upgrade with EJBCA Docker container

With EJBCA in a Docker container, you can deploy and upgrade it quickly without worrying about complex installation procedures or dependencies such as Java, Database drivers, Wildfly application server, Alma Linux, etc. An installation of EJBCA requires all of these components and the container has all of these dependencies installed and configured.

How to get started

This tutorial showcases the steps for upgrading your EJBCA Docker installation based on an installation configuration we've previously presented. EJBCA Docker installation example

Follow this tutorial, and you will have an upgraded EJBCA installation in just a few minutes.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Easily upgrade the EJBCA container running on Docker to the latest version​
  • Edit the docker-compose file to update the EJBCA version to use​
  • Understand the process of upgrading the EJBCA container


  • EJBCA is deployed running on docker in a configuration demonstrated in previous tutorial videos​
  • Internet access to pull the new EJBCA container​

It is also good if you are

  • Familiar with a text editor to edit the docker-compose file​
  • Familiar with mariadb dump or mysqldump to backup the database

Note: In this tutorial, the following versions are used: EJBCA 7.11.0 upgrading to EJBCA 8.1 Beta



Docker Hub

Get your hands on the EJBCA Docker container by downloading it now.


Take a peek at our tutorial video on YouTube, and browse through some of our other videos as well.


You can ask your questions and learn from PKI specialists in the EJBCA forum on GitHub Discussions.

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