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Start EJBCA Docker container, production-like settings

Getting started with an EJBCA deployment with production-like settings and persistent data.


Creating a durable instance to experience EJBCA

If you're a developer or an engineer searching for a more durable EJBCA installation that can be utilized for evaluating or prototyping single or multiple use cases, this deployment example is ideal for you. It lays a solid foundation that provides you with the appropriate starting point to experience the best practices for deploying a reliable PKI that is both flexible and scalable.

How to get started

In this deployment example, we use Docker with Docker Compose to run the EJBCA container with a MariaDB database container. Once the container is up and running we create the SuperAdmin credential and restrict access only to the SuperAdmin administrator.

Follow this tutorial and you will be up and running with a production-like EJBCA in just a few minutes.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Start the EJBCA and MariaDB container with Docker Compose
  • Access EJBCA
  • Issue a certificate for the Super Admin
  • Access EJBCA with a certificate and restrict public access


Before you begin, you need to have Docker Engine and Docker Compose on your machine. You can either:




Check out the supplementary documentation that goes hand-in-hand with our tutorial video.

Docker Hub

Get your hands on the EJBCA Docker container by downloading it now.


Take a peek at our tutorial video on YouTube, and browse through some of our other videos as well. 


You can ask your questions and learn from PKI specialists in the EJBCA forum on GitHub Discussions.

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