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Set up a PQC EJBCA PKI test drive in minutes

Try out post-quantum cryptography (PQC) PKI with our PQC Lab 30-day free trial. This is an Azure marketplace test drive including a ready-to-use EJBCA Enterprise PQC PKI instance – featuring CAs, certificate profiles, end entity profiles, and enrollment protocols.

Azure Test Drive

Ready for some hands-on fun with post-quantum cryptography (PQC)?

We now offer a PQC Lab test drive on the Azure marketplace, with EJBCA Enterprise pre-installed and configured. 

Imagine EJBCA Enterprise prepped with a PQC PKI setup – complete with CAs, certificate profiles, end entity profiles, and enrollment protocols. It is your very own sandbox, a chance to explore the ins and outs of PQC PKI firsthand.

Azure will automatically shut down the test drive instance after 30 days, so you can dive in without any long-term commitments.

How to get started

The PQC Lab test drive launches a pre-built, functional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with a configured EJBCA Enterprise instance, allowing you to run EJBCA with fully configured PQC certificate authorities (CAs) and profiles, as well as pre-configured and enabled enrollment protocols. 

In this video tutorial, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of issuing PQC certificates using standard protocols and APIs like REST, EST, and ACME. For a comprehensive guide on how to set up the EJBCA test drive from start to finish, please read the full documentation. 




Before you begin, you need 

  • A valid Microsoft Account to launch the PQC Lab test drive on the Azure Marketplace.
  • To use the EJBCA Client CLI, you need Java installed.

This 30-day free trial includes the components EJBCA Enterprise, MariaDB, and WildFly version 26.1.3. Azure automatically terminates the instance after 30 days. The PQC Lab test drive is designed as a demonstration instance and is not a production-grade server.



Check out the supplementary documentation that goes hand-in-hand with our tutorial video. 

Test Drive on Azure

Get started with the EJBCA Enterprise PQC Lab test drive on Azure.


Take a peek at our tutorial video on YouTube, and browse through some of our other videos as well.

Try PQC PKI with the EJBCA Docker container.

Set up your first quantum-ready PKI and sign data using the EJBCA and SignServer Docker containers.   


You can ask your questions and learn from PKI specialists in the EJBCA forum on GitHub Discussions.

Would you like to gain more knowledge on the subject?

Keyfactor has created PQC Lab, a place for IT leaders, security pros, and developers to learn, explore, and prepare for the quantum-safe world.